Party Playlist Post 4 (Or We’re ALL Hard to Love)

Guys, it’s my birthday! So this is going to be a quick post about the party playlist ‘cuz I’m rushing off to someone else’s birthday party (naturally) before I head down to the OC for a little Bob Dylan and My Morning Jacket, with a side of Wilco.

Annnnnyway, here goes today’s edition:

The Pixies’ Monkey Gone to Heaven is for Brady, my first rescue dog.

Cocker Spaniel on Dogs Dishes and Decor

Wasn’t the Bubba amazing?

It was the only song I could stand for days after he died. It’s for battling cancer, congestive heart failure, deafness, and raccoon scars but being the sweetest, gentlest little man. It’s for being the best hiker of all my dogs, despite his health struggles. It’s for that night in 2003 where his howls of distress over my sobs pulled me off the kitchen floor and out of my own wallowing. It’s for the way he always licked away my tears. It’s for the peaceful way he silently slipped away while wearing his Michigan shirt on Melissa’s birthday so many years ago. It’s for helping me grow up. For teaching me so much about love, loss, and letting go. May you forever be hiking in heaven, Monkey.

Steve Aoki’s I’m in the House is for my Boxer, Albus. It’s for crashing into my life on what would have been my Grandpa’s 88th birthday and shaking everything up. It’s for breaking up the warring Spaniel sisters and setting us all free. It’s for helping me quit a job that was killing me. It’s for the people I’ve met while trying to wear him out on walks. It’s for the happiness he brings every day with his big paws and his boundless enthusiasm. It’s for the way he flops down in exhaustion long before his little sister. It’s for the way his strong, tough exterior belies such a gentle little boy underneath. It’s for letting me use him as a pillow while we’re watching TV. It’s for reminding me that things like Ray Bans don’t really matter that much anyway….

You ARE in the Muthaf*&#ing house, Bus.

The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What you Want is for my Cocker Spaniel, Woodley. It’s for how right her trainer was when he said, “God is trying to teach you something with these dogs.” It’s for the way she finally let me in after weeks of being aloof. It’s for the ways she has grown stronger and saner without her sister. It’s for being the dog I always knew she was inside and for how far we’ve come since she came into my life. It’s for the way she snuggles up against my back. It’s for the way she loves carrots and big sticks of celery. It’s for loving Albus immediately even though she despises almost every other dog. It’s for the way she tries to defend him from dogs five times her size. It’s for the way I can’t help laughing that she absolutely defines the word “bitch” in all the best ways. And maybe most of all? It’s for truly teaching me that you can’t always get what you want, but you really do get what you need.

Lee Brice’s Hard to Love is for all the friends, family, and strangers who have confided so much in me. Your stories have shown me that we’re ALL hard to love and that’s what makes it so magical when someone knows it all and still loves us anyway.


Fashion Parade Pity Party (Or I Don’t Know What to Wear So I’m Making a Playlist Instead)

Prince makes many appearances on my birthday party playlist. I adore him even though he does weird things with his face. Photo Courtesy of The Urban Daily.

I just spent the last hour in my walk-in trying to figure out what to wear to my birthday party next weekend. Now that I’m nearly suicidal, I think I need to switch gears. It’s time to work on the party playlist. Last year I neglected the task and I swear we ended up listening to way too much emo hipster music. Six hours of whining white boys is only appropriate for a mass suicide. (Or my fashion parade pity party.) Party playlists need to have the right amount of Whitney. And Michael. I mean really….

Sadly, I will have to forego some of my favorite hip hop tunes owing to the number of toddlers who will be in attendance next Sunday. I don’t want to be responsible for some kid standing a chair singing, “To the windows, to the walls, ‘til the sweat drips down my balls” in front of his entire preschool class. (We’re saving Lil’ Jon for my 35th next summer. There won’t be any children at that gathering.)

So, anyway…

It’s a 7 hour playlist, so I’m going to spare you the specifics, but here are a few of my faves that made the list:

Michael Jackson: Bad (I mean, obviously.)

Shaggy: Oh Carolina (And, yes, this song is from the Sliver Soundtrack, but I don’t care. It’s still a fresh jam even if I have no idea what “Prowl off. Jump and Prance,” means. It’s probably dirty but if I don’t get it, the toddlers won’t either.)

Nina Simone & Felix da Housecat: Sinnerman Remixed (I love Nina Simone’s original as well, but it’s obviously not right for a festive event.)

Junior Walker and The All Stars: Shotgun (Because it makes me want to dance on a table in my heels. And also because it’s all kinds of awesome.)

Lupe Fiasco featuring Trey Songz: Out of My Head (Kinda chill but sooo fun.)

Tiesto featuring C.C. Sheffield: Escape Me (Great tune for working out and also for just hanging out and being fabulous with friends.)

Eric Prydz vs. Floyd: Proper Education (Obviously I love Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall from The Wall, but this version has a better party feel.)

MGMT: Electric Feel (Like Modest Mouse’s Float On, this song never gets old.)

Prince: 1999 (It wouldn’t be a party without a bit of Prince. OK, there’s A LOT of Prince on my playlist, but it’s only because I love him. Like REALLY love him.)

Mark Morrison: Return of the Mack (Because I’m not about to neglect the 90s — or leave it to Shaggy to represent them by himself.)

Hank Williams, Jr.: Family Tradition (It’s essential to throw in some country. Just ‘cuz it’s awesome.)

Barney Stinson may believe the best mixes are all rise, but I think you need to chill things out a bit towards the end of the night — especially on a Sunday. Here are some of my slower jams.

The Rolling Stones: Beast of Burden (My second favorite Stones song of all time behind You Can’t Always Get What You Want.)

Otis Redding: The Dock of the Bay (This is a super obvious Otis tune, but it’s such a classic I can’t help myself. I have SO much Otis. I adore Otis.)

Paul Anka: Eye of the Tiger (If you haven’t checked his cover album, Rock Swings, do it. Now. You’ll thank me later.)

Oh, and because it’s a Peter Pan Party, I had to add Hook’s tarantella, Another Princely Scheme, from the Broadway musical.

Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on the flower arrangement crisis as well as the candy bar….