Still #4 (Or Michigan Defeated Wisconsin)

I’m back from Michigan, and I’m pleased to report that the Wolverines are still #4 after (barely) defeating the Badgers in Ann Arbor.

Even though the game almost made me die of stress (I still can’t talk about our kicker), I had sooooo much fun!



My Panda and I reunited to party like undergrads.

Tailgating is our favorite. We had pulled pork and Doritos for breakfast. I’d show you pics of that situation, but I was too busy eating it.

(Pro tip: Slows Bar BQ in Detroit knows pig. You need it in your life.)

When I wasn’t stuffing my face, I was meeting up with old friends.


Including my old buddy, Dhani Jones. 

Even though we hit up four tailgates, we still made it to the Big House well before kick off because we’re professionals.

Angela spent half the game pacing the stadium (see earlier kicker criticism), but here we are in our seats for a minute.


She love Michigan as much as I do. 


I dare say we like it more than most of the 110,000+ people pictured here. 

After we won, we kept the party going.


I may have had to pop an extra bottle to celebrate. 

And Angela used it to chase her victory tequila because she’s a gorgeous beast….


And my kind of Wolverine. 

On the way to our next celebration we ran into some serious fratastic action.


College never changes.

And somehow I find that comforting.

Maybe that’s why I keep going back.

That’s all I have for now.

I’ll tell you all about my Nana’s 90th at the cottage later.

Costco, Rotisserie Chicken, and Spicy Margies (Or How to Make a Jalapeno Margarita)

So, I went to Costco on Sunday. When I was starving. After yoga.


I consider it a personal triumph that I didn’t walk out of the place carrying 42 crab legs, 55 pineapples, and 14 rib eyes. The fact that my only unplanned purchases were a rotisserie chicken and a pink polka dotted beach towel is nothing short of remarkable.


Coscto is so amazing.

I’ll be honest — the whole outing was sort of a mess. I mean, I was that cranky sort of hungry that makes me violent inside. Plus everyone in the store was extra fat and slow, and they were all letting their nine-years old push the double wide cart, which never goes well for anyone. I mostly held it together, though. (I think.)

As long as I’m being all truthful, I should also probably admit that I nearly tore into that unplanned rotisserie chicken the minute I got into my car like some sort of savage, but I thought better of myself and opted for a can of V-8 instead. (Those rotisserie chickens are greasy. Truth.)

Aaaanyway, I now possess more canned tomatoes than any single person should, so I thought I’d make some chili. This turned into I-should-also-make-quesadillas-and-salsa-verde. Oh and jalapeno margaritas.

Who doesn’t love a spicy margy?

I mean…

Since I had to rush off to USC for this fabulous TWIN PEAKS retrospective, I decided to start marinating my jalapeño slices in tequila before I left. (BTW, If you don’t know about Bob and the Black Lodge, get on that s#*@ now. You can thank me later.)

Of course the SAG Awards were on campus the same day as the TWIN PEAKS screening, so it was an absolute nightmare getting to my event. Every entrance onto campus from Fig was blocked off, there were cavalcades of Escalades and town cars converging from all directions, and I had to park absolutely miles away from campus. I may have even had to run in riding boots, but I made it the theater before the first bar of Angelo Badalamenti’s moving score.

Meanwhile, my margies were marinating at home.

So that was my Sunday. Truly riveting, right?

Aaaanyway, if you like a little kick with your drink, here’s how you can make a spicy margy.

Jalapeno Margaritas

6 oz tequila
4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
4 oz triple sec
1 fresh jalapeno
Ice cubes

Slice one fresh jalapeno into thin slices.


Jalapeno slices. Riveting.

Place the slices into tequila and allow the chiles to marinate for a least one hour. (The longer you let the chiles sit, the spicier your margy.)

Strain the tequila to remove the seeds and jalapeno slices.

Pour the tequila, fresh lime juice, and triple sec into a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Pour into a glass and serve. Garnish with jalapeño slices for a little flair.


Drink. And repeat. But not too many times. You probably have to work in the morning.

We’re Not Wasting Watermelon (Or How to Make Watermelon Margaritas)


“You don’t have margarita glasses?” The horror in my mother’s voice was palpable. You’d think I had just told her I ran naked through the streets of Hollywood for fun. It was day two of her visit and my self-esteem had already suffered some crippling blows.

“Well, no,” I replied sheepishly. My mother continued to inspect my cupboards in the skeptical and judgmental manner only a mother can muster.

I did have martini glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, stemless wine glass…. My barware was not entirely deficient.  Never mind the fact that as a single woman, I have never registered at Bloomie’s, forcing my parents’ friends to begrudgingly stock my cabinets with china, gravy boats, and overpriced crystal platters! I have been slowly building my kitchen despite paying crippling student loans for the last ten years. With the debt I’m carrying from my spare master’s degree it’s a wonder I have any plates – let alone twelve that actually match!

“I probably shouldn’t bring that up,” I thought, remembering the encouraging words my mother spoke at my USC graduation.

“With your debt, no one will want to marry you….”

I digress.

Anyway, I returned home from work that evening to find my mother brandishing a Crate and Barrel bag full of margarita glasses. (God bless my mother. She means well.)

Maybe I should tell her I don’t have any highball glasses either….

So now I own margarita glasses, and they only cost me a bit of my dignity. Tonight I’m going to use them for my watermelon margarita experiment. There’s a lot of watermelon left over after my pirate skiff carving, and I can’t let it go to waste… or straight into the compost bin.

The recipe is below.

Watermelon Margaritas

1 C Tequila
1 C Sliced watermelon
4 oz Triple sec
4 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
Splash of Midori (Optional)

Soak the watermelon in tequila for at least twelve hours. Once the watermelon is saturated with tequila, place the watermelon in the freezer for at least four hours.

Strain the watermelon-infused tequila through a strainer to remove any seeds in the liquid. Pour 6 oz of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice into the blender. Add ice cubes and ¾ C of frozen watermelon. Blend.

You can add a splash of Midori for a little extra melon flavor and a bit of sweetness. It will affect the pink color slightly, but the taste is divine.

Garnish the glass with a piece of the tequila-soaked watermelon.


A Note to My Readers (Particularly if the Reader is my Mother): All stories need “villains.” The villain in this particular story happens to be a lovely and fabulous woman who sends birthday cards to my dogs with checks enclosed. She just happens to be critical at times. We at Dogs, Dishes, and Decor love her very much, but we find her funny.