No One Likes Her (Or I Eat Shrimp and Tilapia Soup While Sandy Punishes the East Coast)

So, here’s what my Facebook newsfeed looked like last night:

“Does anyone in Brooklyn have any wine they could spare? Preferably a Gruner? The shop up the street is closed because of Sandy and we could really use some right now.”
*Comment from Concerned Friend* “I hope you don’t have to settle for a chardonnay, dude.”

“Do you think they’d deliver more Makers by canoe? We’re almost out on the UWS.”

“If only candles powered cable TV.”

These updates were interspersed with instagram photos of abandoned SUVs in flooded streets and wet little dogs looking really sad and bedraggled in their ineffectual coats.

And now you know what was on the minds of my New York friends last night. Sandy might have been wreaking havoc in their streets, but she did nothing to diminish their senses of humor.

I’ll admit I felt a bit guilty that it was 88 degrees in Southern California yesterday. As the sun set outside my window, I watched the coverage of Sandy’s devastating power, and I was grateful I was warm and dry. I chuckled as I read a variety of tweets and status updates, glad my friends were safe — even if they were soaked from walking their dogs in the storm — and nearly out of booze.

As the evening wore on, the air cooled considerably and I found myself craving something warm and hearty. (Maybe it was those shivering reporters standing in knee deep water….) I decided to make a comforting shrimp and tilapia fisherman’s soup from a recipe I found online last week.

It’s delicious, simple, and definitely worth making. You can find the recipe on Cookin Canuck here.

This shrimp and tilapia soup is easy to make, and it’s also good the next day.

As my grandpa would say, “It’s better than a kick in the head.”

Or a shark in your street….

The photos of a shark in a New Jersey neighborhood have gone totally viral. Kevin McCarty posted them on his Facebook page and insists they’re legit. Photo Courtesy of Kevin McCarty via Grind TV.

I think my friend’s five-year-old niece summed up the storm best. Upon learning that school would be closed the following day because of Sandy, she told her mother, “No one likes her.”

That’s right, Sandy. No one likes you.

Now, here’s hoping the east coast recovers quickly because as funny as my friends are, there’s nothing funny about the devastation Sandy brought….

Of Mustache Men and Shrimp (Or I Make the Shrimp Dish from Bon Appetit)

A few years ago I was dating this guy. I was starting to have some misgivings about the entire situation (long story), and I wasn’t entirely surprised when he initiated the break up conversation. The way he started the conversation, however, really solidified that our parting was for the best. It went like this,

“You’re just too into sports for me.”

Too into sports?

Only in LA.

I mean, go to a gallery opening by yourself and enjoy the bouquet of your chardonnay without me, dude, because I have first baseline seats to the Dodgers. And I’ll be drinking beer while I cheer for them. Sure, I like art A LOT but you probably shouldn’t care about it more than I do.

SO, anyway, the World Series begins in San Francisco tomorrow night, and I’m super excited because my Tigers will be playing the Giants. The last time they won the World Series I was six. And Kirk Gibson was still on the team.


Can we talk about the crush I had on Kirk Gibson as a kid? Oh. My. God. Photo Courtesy of Classon Avenue Blogspot.

I mean, if that mustache doesn’t make you want to be a Tigers fan, maybe this one will.

Magnum was the original mustache man. And Detroit Tigers fan. Photo courtesy of razz ball.

Now that you’re all convinced I have some sort of closet facial hair fetish, I should switch subjects because I probably can’t convince you otherwise. Yes, I’m excited about the World Series, but I’m also excited that I have the perfect leftover dish to eat while I watch the game.

See, I made this shrimp dish from the October Bon Appetit, and now I won’t have to worry about cooking tomorrow night.

This shrimp dish is simple and delicious. Plus it has World Series written all over it. Or something…

Now I can concentrate on the game while I shovel shrimp into my mouth instead of making dinner. I might pan fry some spicy sausage and add it to the dish because it would be all kinds of awesome with some chorizo. You should do it too. Even if you’re like the ex and don’t care about baseball.