Another Ordinary Cookie (Or I Try ANOTHER Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe)

I’m in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. And I still haven’t found it. I really haven’t. And I’m tired of eating things that are only average. This is probably some sort of metaphor for my life, but whatever. I’m not in the mood to think that deeply right now.

The cookies I made last night are pretty good. They’re all light and fluffy and stuff. Plus the recipe recommends a tip for dissolving the baking soda in water before adding it to the batter. It’s supposed to prevent the cookies from spreading on the pan. And it sort of works. Mostly. I mean, the cookies are kinda fluffy and they’re not super flat. So there’s that.

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dogs Dishes and Decor

See? Kinda fluffy.

Maybe I need to drop my need for perfection, embrace my inner Cookie Monster, and just say “COOOOOOKIE!”

So far the only time I really wanted to stick my face in the pan like that? Was when I made cookies from this mix.

So I think the best thing to do is try this recipe from Ghirardelli next.

Some day I’ll get it right. I’m not giving up. Because cookies? Are important.

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