Bon Appetit to Me! (Or I Try the Pork and Fennel Ragu Recipe from the October Bon Appetit)

I have had a subscription to Bon Appetit for more than ten years, and I adore it. Like, you have no idea. Each month when the new issue arrives, I get so excited you’d think Tory Burch was handing out free riding boots in my lobby or something. I have received about 120 issues over the last ten years and the excitement is yet to wane.

Let’s be honest: the only other creatures capable of displaying more enthusiasm are perhaps my dogs.

This big blur is my very excited Boxer who displays unbridled zeal for essentially everything.

This month, the first recipe that caught my attention was a pork and fennel ragu in the r.s.v.p. section of the magazine. If you’re not familiar with Bon Appetit, first of all, shame on you. Second, I’m not sure we can be friends — online or otherwise. OK, maybe I didn’t mean that last part, but you should probably get a subscription anyway. It’s like $12 a year here.

You’re welcome.

ANYWAY…┬áthe r.s.v.p. section is a feature where readers write to the editors and request recipes for their favorite restaurant dishes. The pork and fennel ragu I made this week is from Oenotri in Napa Valley. Next time I head up to northern California, I think I need to try Oenotri’s version. I mean, my ragu was pretty good, but I bet theirs is better.

You can find the recipe here. It’s great the next day, and it freezes well.

Make this pork and fennel ragu from Oenotri. You will thank me.

(Oh, and BTW, I used penne instead of garganelli, and it was a solid substitute.)