Adventures! (Or Love and Laughs)

My westside Valentine’s Day weekend was so much fun! There were some curveballs adventures, along the way, but whatever. Isn’t life basically just a series of beautiful messes events that don’t go exactly as planned?

I had an Australian guest staying at my place while I was gone, and I wanted to make sure my bedding was laundered by proper professionals for her, and that was the first thing that didn’t go exactly as planned. The short version of that cluster f*#$ involved me borrowing extra bedding from my friend Anna, and some serious discounts from a very contrite crew at my neighborhood cleaners. When I went to Anna’s to get her bedding, she handed it over along with the delicious breakfast sandwich she made especially for me!

Isn’t that the sweetest?

It had fresh squeezed lemon and shredded cucumbers in it. It was so yummy that I even cheated on my caveman diet for it.

It involved fresh squeezed lemon and shredded cucumbers. It was so yummy that I even cheated on my caveman meal plan and got into the bread like a beast.

Shortly after rectifying the bed situation, I heard from my Australian friend that she had missed her connecting flight and would not be landing until after midnight. This meant I didn’t get to my friends’ spot in Culver City until after 2 am. They left the keys outside for me, but they have a tricky door….

The first time I tried to put the key into the lock, the entire lock assembly came out in. my. hand. I’ll spare you the rest of the details that involve me sleeping in my car and peeing in their yard twice… and I’ll just cut to my 5:30 am rescue.

My friends found me wearing two layers of clothes, wrapped in a yoga blanket, and covered with a dog bed in the front seat of my car.


Obviously, I had my own pillow with me.

We laughed. A lot.

Once I got inside, I was greeted by this darling towel display from my friend, Nicole.

Don't you wish your friends were this cute?

Don’t you wish your friends were this cute?

There were a lot of laughs all weekend, a trip to the movies, the bar for Valentine’s Day, game night in the marina, and even a trip to Surfas.

Surfas is a restaurant supply store, and their selection of sprinkles gives me evil genius ideas.

It’s like the Roy G Biv of candied sugar up in here.

For game night, I made my now famous peanut butter dip. I molded it into a heart because peanut butter dip can be shaped into anything.

Who knew?

It turns out peanut butter dip is more fun to shape than clay.

It’s like clay, only SO much better ‘cuz you can cover it in sprinkles and eat it with a spoon.

Everyone at game night was ALL ABOUT IT.


Here’s Bryan waiting patiently for permission to attack it like a savage.

I also got to meet my friend Tony’s twins for the first time. They’re scrumptious! My photos don’t do darling Beau and Bay justice, so you’re just going to have to wait to see that double baby goodness another time. (Post here.)

Now I’m home with my own baby who ate something strange at daycare, and he’s having tummy issues. I keep kissing his head and telling him to puke on my exposed concrete floor instead of my $800 Anthropologie rug.

Don't worry, Boo, I love you more than any Anthropologie rug. Forever and ever. I promise.

Don’t worry, Boo, I love you more than any $800 rug on the planet. Forever and ever. I promise.

I’m staying home from my writers’ group tonight to keep an eye on my monkey and make sure he’s happy — all while making myself a spicy paleo pork chop with maple syrup.

More on that later. (Story here.)