Flower Meltdown Update (Or I am Closer to Cracking this Flower Arranging Thing)

If you remember my meltdown about not knowing how to arrange flowers, you might remember this arrangement.

Photo Courtesy of Catch My Party.

I have decided I want to attempt it for my party — or at least a version of it. Since I’m rather cheap (hush, mom, I am.), I decided to hit up Ikea for vases.

I had a hell of a time finding vases that would nest inside of each other, so I went with water glasses for the inner vessels. It looks like this so far.

Rough draft of sprinkles and vases. Very Rough.

The vases are the Bladet, and the glasses are the Godis. I’m debating whether to stack two glasses on top of each other to clear the top of the larger vase or to leave room at the top (which would mean not filling the vases to the brim with sprinkles). I think it’s going to be a game-day decision based on what looks best with the flowers. The Godis glasses came in a pack of 6, so I have plenty of water glasses either way.

I didn’t know exactly how many ounces of sprinkles I would need, so I bought the biggest container I could find at Home Goods. It turns out 6.5 ounces wasn’t enough to fill one vase. (It’s driving me crazy that there aren’t any blue or purple sprinkles in this assortment, so I plan to fix that.)

Once I had a better idea how many ounces I would need, I scoured Amazon for affordable options. I found a 16 oz bag for under $8. Score.

These things are called Jimmies. Who knew? Photo Courtesy of Amazon.

Since I have Amazon Prime, I get free shipping, and my colorful new loot will be delivered to my door on Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. You know, just in case you’re holding your breath or something….

I Suck as a Florist (Or I Need Help with My Floral Arrangements)

I think I’ve been listening to too much Tift Merritt and Bon Iver today because I’m starting to feel all sorry for myself.

Or maybe I’m glum because “Trader Joe” and I have very different opinions on what an “easy to open” package of oven roasted turkey breast looks like. Or it could be because the only Doritos left in the bag are crumbs. But mostly, I’d bet it’s because I have the kind of cramps that hurt from your feet all of the way up to your face and I’m missing some of my close friends today.

My birthday is in two weeks, and I’m deep in the throes of planning the party. It’s going to be awesome, and the guest list is out of control huge, but it will be missing some amazing girls this year. See, many of my close girlfriends have moved away and/or gotten married. They used to throw my parties, do my flowers, and just basically make me feel all kinds of special on my birthday. One year they even broke into my apartment, set up Sprinkles Cupcakes while I was at work, and were waiting to take me out for a surprise dinner when I got home.

That they won’t be here to partake in my Peter Pan Party madness just basically makes me feel like this:



Not only do I miss them and the days of dancing on tables together, but their absence also means I am facing the daunting task of making my own floral arrangements for my party. I sort of suck at arranging flowers, and I’m afraid I’m going to make a huge mess of the affair. I mean I can’t do this:


Danielle, the Goddess behind last year’s arrangement, now lives in Cabo and is launching a furniture line.

Sure, I could buy the arrangements, but where is the challenge in that?

Besides, I absolutely cannot stand being truly bad at something, so I am trying to teach myself.

So far it’s not going terribly well….

My dog hates my floral arrangement. So do I.

Part of the problem is that I don’t have the right vessels, so I need to remedy that. The other problem is finding inspiration because this art form does not come naturally to me. I wasn’t all that into flowers for most of my life. I spent many years as a tree-climbing tomboy who collected toads with the neighbor boys, and I left the flowers and the other pink stuff to the girls who had unicorns on their Trapper Keepers.

Here I am with my best toad-collecting buddy, Brett, basically being all boyish and geeky.

So now I am making up for lost time and I’m combing Pinterest for ideas. I have come up with these contenders so far:

Photo courtesy of Petals by David.

Photo Courtesy of Catch My Party.

That’s a decent start, right?

It only took me three HOURS to find two designs I really liked.

I think I have to turn off the Tift Merrit, down the entire bottle of ibuprofen, and watch Iron Eagle now because I hate being in a funk. It’s going to take Jason Gedrick blowing up some oil wells to cheer me up today, I’m afraid.

Do you have any arrangement ideas that might inspire me?

Please send help!