Hit (re)-Start (Or Things Are Changing)

OMIGOSH, I owe you updates. SO many updates.

See, I got a new job, which is awesome. (#ilikemoney) But what’s more awesome than the whole I-get-paid-on-a-regular-basis-thing is that my new job is making me fall in love with movies again, and you really can’t put a price on that. (Movies and I had a really bad breakup back in 2004, and I haven’t exactly been the same since.)

The new job isn’t the only big change in my life, though. I got baptized recently. And that was a bit of a debacle like only I can manage. I mean, who else makes a mess of being born again?

Other than me?

My friend Elise and my friend Suzie attended the service, and Elise may have summed it up best when she said, “Only you end up in the men’s baptism pool.” So, yeah… THAT happened. Someone sent me to the wrong line… and people were flustered.

Mad flustered.

I must admit, I found it all a bit amusing. I’m not trying to be deliberately irreverent or anything, but the entire incident was kinda funny.


It may not look all awkward here, but I promise you it was.

Aaaanyway, that story belongs on my other blog… my other blog I really will update this week. #ipromise

This brings me to the next thing I need to talk about: my other blog. It really should be the place for my philosophical musings — my thoughts on life, love, and faith — and all that other ooey gooey stuff that doesn’t involve the center of a really good cookie.

See, I feel like I’ve muddied the water here at Dogs, Dishes, and Decor when I’ve taken the focus away from ice cream, baby showers, and renovating disasters, so I need to right the ship. I’m going to do my best to keep this blog about, well, Dogs Dishes and Decor while containing my meltdowns to This American Mess.

I’m putting my intention out there to keep myself honest.

Speaking of intention… Suzie and I shared our intentions for our lives this morning over cappuccino. Mine just happen to be: Love, Healing, Connection, and Creation. I’m going to do my best to stick to these — and keep the writing about each intention on the right blogs in the future.

Later this week look out for the recipe that accompanies the CREATION of this lemony goodness.


It’ll be worth the wait. I promise. #sofluffy