Xena the Warrior Puppy (Or I’m a Warrior for Puppies)

I had originally planned to post about my bookshelf redesign today, but my plans changed when I logged into Facebook this afternoon.

Here’s the bookshelf before photo. This situation can wait.

See, last month, I began following a severely neglected puppy’s remarkable journey of rehabilitation via her Facebook fan page, and today marks her one-month rescue anniversary. I wanted to acknowledge it by sharing her photo slide show.

And her story.

Her transformation has been absolutely remarkable. Her heroic rescuers have named her Xena the Warrior Puppy, and when you watch her slideshow, you’ll see why. When she was first brought to the shelter, she had no hair on her body, and she was so emaciated, they did not know if she would survive one more day let alone a month. Now she is a playful little girl on the road to recovery in a foster home.

This little girl has come a long way in only one month. She and her kind caregivers deserve recognition. Photo Courtesy of Xena’s Dekalb Fund.

Though, Xena is just one little pup, her story reminds us that there are so many more dogs like her. So many abused, starving, and neglected creatures suffering at the hands of cruel and callous people.

Because I support the Humane Society and the ASPCA, and I also follow a variety of rescue blogs, I regularly see photos of abused or neglected animals like Xena. Each time I do, I cry a little. And then I kiss my rescue dogs on their spoiled heads for an hour.

My beasts may be spoiled, but they walk to raise money for their less fortunate friends through the Race for the Rescues every year. This year the Race raised over $303,000 for 12 animal welfare organizations.

Of course, I do lavish them with Jax and Bones gifts after their walk because I think they deserve rope toy rewards.

Here is Albus with his new Bambi. Jax and Bones donates a portion of their rope toy sales to the Rescue Train.

I’m often reminded of the human capacity for cruelty and also for compassion. There are so many dedicated people caring for the animals cast aside by others, and it’s important to remember that so we don’t focus so much on the suffering and the sadness that we lose hope.

So, that’s me. I’m a lunatic for dogs.

We’re all different, and not everyone was wired to love dogs like I do. I like it that way. I mean, I love that our hearts all break for different causes ‘cuz someone needs to worry about actual human orphans while I’m fretting over every one eyed, three legged puppy mill dog I see.

Speaking of which, tomorrow night, I’m attending the Burbank City Council Meeting to voice my support for a citywide ban on selling puppy mill dogs in Burbank.

More on that later.

And also the bookshelf…..