It’s Arts and Crafts Time (Or I Talk About Elephant Shower Activities)

Now that we’ve covered the favors and the decorations, we should probably discuss the shower activities. This is usually the part of a baby shower I despise, to be honest. I think games can be contrived and the focus should really be on friends and the food. My friend and co-host Meaghan agreed so we kept the activities to a minimum.

We did do the Guess the Belly Size with string thing, though.


Guess the Belly Size with String on Dogs Dishes and Decor

Aren’t my friends adorable? You can SO tell they’re sisters.

We mostly sucked at the guess the belly business. I was particularly (offensively) off with my estimate. #sosorrykaty

Aside from the string game, we spent the bulk of our time stuffing our faces with finger sandwiches while doing arts and crafts.

Meaghan and I bought fabric paints and white onesies and did the whole “Make Finn Some Custom Threads” thing.

Craft Table on Dogs Dishes and Decor

Remember this from yesterday? It’s the craft table. #lifechanging

I think they came out pretty well.

Painted onesies on Dogs Dishes and Decor

One guess who made the Michigan onesie….

In addition to the onesie bit, we also put together a blank alphabet book in a binder so the guests could make Finn his first alphabet book. Each page represented a different letter and the guests signed their drawings.

Decorate-a-book Baby Shower Activity on Dogs Dishes and Decor

Here are the happy artists making Picasso-like magic for Finn.

And this is sorta how it came out.

Customized alphabet book for a baby shower from Dogs Dishes and Decor

Kinda cute, right?

OK, more on the food situation later. I need to get back at that NyQuil. It is everything right now. #imdying