It’s Election Day (Or I Miss Phil)

Whatever your political affiliation, Election Day can be tense. There are only winners and losers; there’s not a lot of gray when it comes to the polls. Two years ago, Phil and I were upset about the presidential election results… and we had I’m-sad-about-the-election sex. (It seemed like the best way to get through the […]


  Somewhere in the middle of 2016, I met Phil. It’s hard to know where to begin telling our story, and I’m not sure I can do it justice in a single post. This is Phil: If I sound cold and callous calling him names, you must understand that dickhead was one of his terms […]

The Women’s March (Or Humankind Needs a Hug)

Today was the Women’s March. I didn’t march… again. I didn’t spend the day speaking for all women alive. I spent the day taking care of this woman — the one who needed to deposit money into her account so her checks wouldn’t bounce, the one who needed to call her cable company and fix […]

Already Getting My Happy Bunny On! (Or Fresh Pea Soup for Easter… Maybe)

Wanna know something? Caspari paper products make me happy — particularly their holiday themed hankies. When I noticed that they had Easter options at the grocery store today, I got giddy… and bought some. Duh. YAY!!! Wanna know something else? I prefer Easter to Christmas. There. I said it. That probably sounds whacked, but whatever. […]

2014 and I Are Going to be Friends (Or Will You Still be My Blog Friend?)

I was reading through old posts this week and realized my credibility is pretty shaky here in the blogosphere. I promised not to be all philosophical and sad, I said I’d write a post about meyer lemon budino fluffiness, and I failed on both fronts. If I’m being really honest, I probably still owe you […]

2013 and I Are Almost Through (Or Life is an Amazing Accident)

Don’t hate me for saying this, but it’s almost 85 in LA today. It’s just a little gift from God to make up for the gridlock, the hoards of hipsters littering Hollywood, and the astronomical rent we pay to sip in all kinds of smog every day. So, anyway, I’m blogging from Peet’s Coffee Shop […]

Am I Over Thinking Food? (Or I Go Paleo. Sorta Kinda.)

So, you might have noticed I’m super hard on myself and I tend to over think absolutely everything. And all of this thinking? Means it’s difficult for me to make a decision. Because there are so many possibilities. And possibilities? Means I could be wrong. The “what ifs” and the possibilities can make you mad […]