Where I am Now (Or Hollywood Isn’t Done With Me Yet)

I have been sick of my neighborhood since 2011. I can’t rationalize a move at the moment financially, so I’ve stayed in Hollywood despite a strong desire to flee. The problem is that I have been so frustrated by my fiscally responsible choice that it has been clouding my enjoyment of my neighborhood. I’ve shut myself off from seeing the good things it has to offer because I’m mad at myself for staying. Inspired by my Saturday wandering in the South Bay, I decided it was long past time to look for inspiration in my own backyard — time to stop looking for the reasons to hate Hollywood and find the reasons to love it instead.

So this morning I went for a walk. A long walk in my own neighborhood.

I started taking pictures of the things that caught my eye.

Like this entryway.

Hollywood Hilly entryway on Dogs Dishes and Decor

The contrast of black and white makes me happy. I envision tall ceilings, a grand piano, and dramatic pinks behind these doors.

The amazing thing about my neighborhood is that a chic, sophisticated sort of place like that is across the street from this.

Hollywood Hills architecture on Dogs Dishes and Decor

This place reminds me of my houses in Ann Arbor. Only there’s no sofa on the porch, the paint’s not peeling, and no one is sitting on the roof.

And those structures? Are just down the street from this.

Mid century Hollywood architecture on Dogs Dishes and Decor

These steps make me want to sip a martini. They’re all kinds of mid-centuruy amazing. Also? That wacky ceramic cat climbing the side of the building makes me laugh a little.

And check out this Knights of the Round Table action a little further up.

Camelot inspired feature on Dogs Dishes and Decor

This is some bold stuff here, guys. Bold. It makes me want to watch Monty Python.

I’m not so sure Palm Springs Meghan is entirely at home with this eclectic mess coexisting on one street.


She wears whale sweaters from J. Crew and takes golf lessons.

It might be OK for Halloween Anika.


She thinks it’s OK to bring an owl puppet out in public.

But what do I think about it all?

I think it’s where I live for now. And it has been a good place for this guy.


We’ve had a lot of amazing hikes here.


And I’ve had a lot of epiphanies here.


So the thing is? I accept that it’s where I live now.

It’s not done with me yet.

I haven’t learned all it has to teach me. And when our time is over, I will move on to the next place… and be open to the changes it makes in me.

2 thoughts on “Where I am Now (Or Hollywood Isn’t Done With Me Yet)

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  2. I found your tumblr by typing in Hollywoodland. We’re neighbors, I too live in up BW Cyn. The house with the Knight on it belongs to a friend of mine. Keep posting pics and enjoying our neighborhood. I too get frustrated with it, the tourist and always looking for work. But it is a nice place to live

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