Just As Long As It’s Not Red Velvet (Or How to Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever)

My good friend’s birthday was last week and instead of bringing a present, she asked if I could bake cupcakes instead.

Baked goods are much better than birthday presents. I mean, who needs another scented candle anyway?

She didn’t give me many instructions aside from, “I like pretty much any kind of cake… just as long as it’s not red velvet.”

I’m with her on the red velvet front. I personally hate it. Besides, it will forever remind me of that scene in Steel Magnolias where Ouisa hacks the butt off of the armadillo groom’s cake and serves it to Drum.

Photo courtesy of pichouse.

My god, I love that movie…. So much, in fact, that I will watch the remake on Lifetime next month.

So, anyway, my head was filling with ideas until she added, “Oh, and I don’t like cream cheese frosting.”

Uh oh.

Cream cheese, mascarpone, or some combination of both serve as the base for almost all of my favorite frostings.

Before we even hung up, though, I had an idea… the chocolate ganache filled chocolate cupcakes I had planned to make for Connor’s baby shower.

I had most of the ingredients. I know the cupcakes are good. And the seven minute meringue frosting doesn’t involve cream cheese.

The recipe doesn’t really have a downside except that it makes 24 cupcakes and is not easily halved. There were only going to be 10 of us at the party, so that would mean a lot of leftover cupcakes. Luckily, my neighbors were throwing a pool party that afternoon, and they invited me to join them. So I stopped by for a beer before heading to the birthday party and I brought them the surplus cupcakes. Problem solved. With neighborly hospitality and beer.

If you’re in the mood for some seriously good chocolate cupcakes, the recipe is here.

Just a heads up if you’re going to make them: you should make the ganache before making the cupcakes because it takes a while to cool. Plus, there’s a good chance you won’t need all of the ganache. Depending on how aggressive you are with the whole pushing the tops of the cupcakes down with your thumb, you can get away with only using half or three quarters of the ganache. (I have never used all of it, but perhaps I’m not removing enough cake from the cupcake.)


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