This One’s For My Friends (Or JK Rowling is a Mad Inspirational Genius)

My love of Harry Potter is well documented. I mean, this guy?

The one who has confused my person with a pillow?

He’s named after Harry’s mentor, Albus Dumbledore.

I mean, I’ve chugged a butter beer on the streets of Hogsmeade.

I am terribly uncool. And please don’t say anything about my hair here. It’s all kinds of tragic.

And I even brought my trusty owl, Hedwig, with me to Honeydukes.

Hedwig has confused these gummy worms for the real thing. Poor, stupid owl.

So now that you’re thoroughly convinced a) I’m a gigantic child b) a complete nerd and c) I will never again make out with a boy, I’m going to share THIS with you.

It’s JK Rowling’s commencement address to the Harvard University class of 2008. I know that was like a lifetime ago, but I found the video today and it spoke to me. I won’t go into why (because that’s a long story for a very different kind of blog) except to say that some of the most important people to me are the friends I made in college. They are more than my friends. They are, simply put, my family.

Those formative years where you were figuring out what mattered most to you? Those people by your side? They were there for a reason.

And those people? They’re still by my side. And in my heart. They have changed me. Supported me. Loved me.

So, this is for them. And for you. Share it with the people you love. It’s inspiring.


One thought on “This One’s For My Friends (Or JK Rowling is a Mad Inspirational Genius)

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