Tomorrow’s To-Do List (Or I Procrastinate on Pinterest for Hours)

So, it’s Friday night. I have no less than 10 people coming over for dinner on Sunday, and I haven’t committed to a menu yet.

I have paint splatters all over the hallway from my birch tree stencil experiment.

Even Albus is dismayed by the state of our hallway.

There are bare nails peppering my empty walls as a result of my complete indecision about the artwork in basically every room of my apartment.

I also need to do something about the arrangement of those fluffy orbs. They’ve been hanging unfinished for weeks.

Nails all over my very naked walls. Indecision hurts aesthetics, folks.

PLUS, I have unfinished drawings scattered all over the place that are intended to replace the “ocean-scapes” that line the backs of both of my aquariums.

Even Albus agrees the hideousness has to go. It’s so 1984, and not in a good George Orwell kind of way…

Oh, and did I mention my balcony resembles the Sandford and Sons’ Salvage Yard?

This is an epic mess. I want to cry every time I go outside to water the basil.

So, what am I doing?

Oh, playing on Pinterest, listening to My Morning Jacket, and procrastinating, of course.

I’m telling myself I’m looking for a good carnitas recipe for Sunday. That sounds like a plausible explanation, right? I vowed to put the final touches on the birch tree walls tomorrow. Once I have stenciled the red bird in the trees (long story for another time), I will get out the Goof Off and fix the paint-splattered floor. I promise I’ll explain the bird, the birches, AND tell the whole stencil story next week. You know… just in case you feel like stenciling an entire room with black paint yourself.

Hell, maybe I’ll even make up my mind about the beads and the ribbons on the lights as well. I’m only about a month overdue on those decisions.

There’s nothing like ten people converging on your home to motivate you, which just may be the real reason I’m having a dinner party in the first place.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m home on a Friday night and not doing something fabulous like drinking overpriced martinis in a bar teeming with metrosexuals… well, I don’t really have a good excuse for that. I’m just not in the mood to be bothered by boys who don’t own any power tools tonight. I’ll add that to tomorrow’s to-do list.

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